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Series 65 Vocabulary – Investment Advisor

I. Economic Factors and Business Information (15%)The 20 scored questions in this section test your knowledge of various aspects of business and economics. Basic Economic Concepts (6 questions)Financial Reporting (4 questions)Analytical Methods (4 questions)Types of Risk (6 questions)II. Investment Vehicle Characteristics (25%)The 32 scored questions in this section test your knowledge of various characteristics ofContinue reading “Series 65 Vocabulary – Investment Advisor”

How to invest with a goal and a coach

You have a fitness trainer because you need motivation and fast rules to maximize the use of the gym or get in shape with strength training very fast or be fit based on your lifestyle and body. In investing, you have many options and you have to start with a strategy, goal and a coach.Continue reading “How to invest with a goal and a coach”

FUTUREADVISOR.com is a free investment advisor

FutureAdvisor is an investment advisor that takes academically researched portfolio management principles and applies them to your situation. Our recommendation algorithms are based on these principles and academic works. 1. Index Investing: more effective than picking stocks FutureAdvisor’s algorithmic portfolio recommendations favor low-fee index funds. Not only do low-fee index funds perform better in the long run [1],Continue reading “FUTUREADVISOR.com is a free investment advisor”