Mood booster supplements

Always eat whole foods, especially colored ones. Happy foods are yams, eggs and sulfur-rich foods. You may use a ketogenic diet of good fats.

And if you still wanted to supplement, email me your health issues and together we can choose from these products as I am a wholesaler from this manufacturer. And you may pay using paypal ,
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Show me your list of Vitamin brands to help you research which ones are more effective

Not all foods have the same nutrients and so are vitamins or dietary supplements. Email me ( ) a list of your vitamin brands and your brief health history and daily lunch/dinner to help you research the optimum supplement and nutrients that you believe will help your health goals and desires.

We take our medicines with or without food every 3-4 hours to coincide with the rhythms of our body, metabolism and absorption rates. Iron rich supplements in the morning and calcium based supplements in the afternoon since iron and calcium cancels each other out. Vitamin C is always needed for synergy and for easy absorption.

How did I lost the 3 lbs during the last three days? A sports nutrition health cap from GYV, zumba and dancing, less rice, lots of healthy drink (green juice, lemon, pineapple), kefir, kymchee,green tea (hibiscus,others), fiber, sleep, massage (in the bay area it is called $20 foot massage) , weight lifting and a happy disposition.

Our brain controls our body and our body’s battery is in a full functioning ATP cells, powered by good nutrition, also in GYV health caps. Our heart/brain/ATP cells are the key in keeping our energy and helping with repair by fighting inflammatory substances (inside and outside our body).

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