Meet Linda Moore, RN my wellness guest blogger today

Linda lives in the bay area and had been in wellness for over 20 years helping clients with skin care and holistic health.

She worked as a Critical Care Nurse for over 30 years, including positions as Unit Manager in ICU and ER at Stanford University Medical Center.

If you need advice or help with skin care, beauty concerns, weight loss or other holistic and wellness issues, you may contact her at 650-530-2370 or via Skype. She is also available for an hour consult at $100 per hr (using paypal).

She donates some of her income to non-profit organizations such as Motherhealth Inc for affordable senior care in the bay area.

Please welcome Linda as our guest blogger at Clubalthea. Your support for her will also help keep active in providing health and finance education to all, rich and poor.

Tips for 50yr olds whose career got interrupted and wanted to earn $1M

What are your tips on how mid-career professionals (around age 50) who have had a career interruption (e.g., a layoff, time taken off to raise children,etc) can get to $1 million in wealth. Investing at 9% return can help but a business with no capital or experience, only courage and training in sales can help 50 yr old transition from a lost career to a business ownership.

Can you use Youtube to learn a tech or non-technical skill in less than an hour? Yes you can.

Should they start a side business? Yes, if they know successful people to follow with.

If so, what types of ventures pay off best and most quickly, with the least initial investment?

Should they change jobs, on the premise that this will lead to a bigger raise than they could get on their own–or will that generally
mean losing accrued benefits that outweigh the salary bump they might get? An 8-5 job cannot make one to be a millionaire.

Are there specific skills they can acquire quickly that make them more marketable, internally to their bosses and
to potential employers outside the firm?  A highly networked person with good to outstanding communication skills is very important.


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