From bigoted policies to a budget that attacks the poor, Trump’s administration does NOT protect all Americans

Mike Pence

From bigoted policies to a budget that attacks the poor, Trump’s administration does NOT protect all Americans.

Vice President Mike Pence thinks Trump is doing an outstanding job as President.

In fact, he thinks Trump has earned “an A+ for effort and an A+ for results.”[1]

What!? We completely disagree — and the American people do too:

The President’s approval rating is down to an abysmal 37%.[2]

Trump approval rating plummetingThis PROVES that Mike Pence couldn’t be more wrong! Sign your name right away if you disagree with Pence that Trump gets an A+:

I disagree with Mike Pence →

We know the White House isn’t fighting for the rights of all Americans. Instead, Pence and Trump have spent the last 5 months spreading homophobia, condoning bigotry, and dismantling critical protections for LGBT Americans.

And on top of that, Trump has threatened our national security by lying about his shady ties to Russia and perpetuating his conflicts of interest!

Trump’s actions do not constitute anywhere near an A+ rating.

And Connie, we refuse to let Mike Pence try to convince us otherwise!

So we’re standing together to send a strong message to the White House: We DISAGREE with Mike Pence and Donald Trump, and anything they say and do.

If you’re with us, sign your name right away:

Thank you for speaking out,

Equality PAC

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Let’s save lives

Comment from one reader: Spoken with more courage than a true journalist. Fantastic. A tremendous risk you took in confronting these people (racists, homophobic, bigots, haters). The ending is extraordinary. Where you mention it only takes 4 million dollars to buy congress. Extraordinary. Hasan, you took a risk being so poignant with these people but your voice is extremely important. You have humanized the argument.

Connie’s comments: We forgive you racists and haters. Let’s save lives.

Hasan Minhaj at 2015 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner

save lives and not save guns