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Lynn, a Mary Kay consultant for 25 years used Jeunesse Luminisce, a cellular rejuvenation serum for 4 months which uses an exclusive patent-pending formula derived from adult stem cells that contain over 200 key human growth factors, making your skin look younger and healthier and more radiant.



Connie Dello Buono

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macro exfoliator

macro exfoliator before and after effects

macro exfoliator before and after effects part 2

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Beauty Drink for Healthy Skin

Healthy hydration can power your skin cells to a healthy you

Adequate sleep, exercise, sun block use, whole foods and adequate supplementation are important skin solutions.

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Beauty serums

beauty serum 2beauty serum

Beauty drink

1/2 cup coconut water , 1/2cup water (or almond, rice, or soya milk), 1/2 scoop protein powder
, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp. probiotic active yogurt 1 tsp, chia seeds 1 tbsp , wheat or barley grass 1 tsp, cocoa powder 1 tsp , flax oil and your choice of favorite food

You may try a different variation of the above drink. Mix and match with different kinds of berries.
Remember that sleep is important for your skin. Wash your face before going to bed  for face wash based on your skin needs.

To lessen the allergies and redness of your skin, take Vit Bs, D, E, A and C and do eat whole foods only , fish and all healthy, organic foods.

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If you are trying to lose weight, lessen caffeine, sweets including sweet fruits during the first 3 weeks. When your body has not been consuming unhealthy food for sometime, you will notice that you prefer to eat healthy moving forward.

What a surprise, you are now feeling energetic with a healthier skin since you have stopped eating sweets, soda, and other unhealthy food and lifestyle.


When your face cannot take it any more

IMG_20130713_093141 (3)IMG_20130713_093149

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My GF had used botox, chemical peels, laser and other creams on her face last year just to look young. No more going to the malls and skin care products that don’t work.
Many of us have done similar regimens, but the link above will show you that you don’t have to do any of these anymore.

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All about wrinkles, anti-aging regimen

Of course everyone ages, but the way in which your skin ages is very much under your control. Here are 4 lifestyle changes you can start to make right now:

   1. Get your beauty sleep…on your back. Over time, a nightly face plant into your pillow will cause those pillow creases to become permanently etched into your skin. Train yourself to get off your side and sleep on your back.   
2. No smoking, or quit if you do. It makes you look a decade older than you actually are. Smoking breaks down collagen, impairs wound healing and restricts blood vessels, resulting in sagging, sallow and course skin.    

3. Don’t drink from a straw. The puckering associated with drinking from a straw has been observed to increase wrinkling around the lips.    

4. Keep those eyes covered. Sunglasses are a must, everyday, no matter how cloudy it is.

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Skin signals, diet, supplementation and skin care

Now that I’m helping people be skin beautiful with anti-aging products from the makers of Proactiv at my site www.clubalthea.myrandf.com 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com , I am sharing the following skin signals, diet and supplementation info:

Deep wrinkles can be a result of aging, eating processed foods, or sun exposure. Eat foods containing lysine, an amino acid that helps you build collagen from fish, legumes, eggs, and fruits with free-radical fighting function such as dark colored ones, citrus, veggies and flaxseed oil, olive oil and evening primrose oil.

Lackluster complexion or skin pallor is indicative of anemia, or underactive thyroid.  Liquid iron from Fluradix, Vitamin D (once a week gel , 10k IUs all Vitamin Bs, C, selenium and folate.  Eat lightly cooked cruciferous veggies.

Hyperpigmentation or melisma with sun exposure and aging as culprits can be caused by insufficient Vit B12. Eat yogurt, sardines, and supplementation of 2 mg of astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid from microalgae to regulate melanin production.

Blemishes, redness or breakouts are caused by irritating products and hormonal imbalance. Flush toxins by detox and whole food diet. Avoid allergens causing substances in food. Avoid sugar and overly processed foods. Eat papaya, pineapple and green tea in between meals. Detox even more with supplementation of curcumin, fiber and chlorella.
To find out what the doctor will recommend as skin care products with your own skin, go to

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2. Click Customize your routine then click Start Solution Tool. This will help you find what the doctors will recommend based on your skin needs by answering the 6 questions related to your skin.
3. Let them email you the recommendation.

Normally, when you have sensitive face, the skin care needed is SOOTHE and for the acne on your back, UNBLEMISH is the solution.