Knee pain relief

Exercise, good shoes, nutrition (sulfur rich foods) and adequate sleep. Safer, and very effective, options to help relieve joint pain include: Eggshell membrane: The eggshell membrane is the unique protective barrier between the egg white and the mineralized eggshell. The membrane contains elastin, a protein that supports cartilage health, and collagen, a fibrous protein that supports […]

Positive effects of hugs and kisses

There are many positive effects of hugs and kisses and all the love we send to others
It calms the newborn, the warm body of a new mother balances the
newborn’s sense and control of their body temperature
Sex during pregnancy facilitates an easy childbirth and labor with all hormones in balance
The voice of a partner or lover on the phone helps put another to a good night sleep
Hugs and kisses help us to start our day anew with full of possibilities
The caring love from our parents propels us to excel and succeed in whatever we do
In the latter years of our lives, it puts meaning to our existence
That we have loved and are looking forward to visits from our love ones
in the care homes or nursing homes where we stay

Love, hugs and kisses are the strongest of the emotions that keep our spirit up
Giving meaning to how we live and exist
Our mothering or parenting love to our children
determines their failures and successes later in life
There will be less people in our prison cells
had we shared more love when our children were young
We start with a loving care for our babies who are copying our emotions
as they absorb everything around them
And then when they cry as a newborn,
it is their way of communicating to the world
So we pick them up and cuddle to show them that they are heard

With our partners, we talk heart to heart and in many caring ways
When love is not there, it is time to let go of another
For we cannot force love, we can only nurture it
So find a soul mate who cares
And with the intention of love you give
You receive the same.
How do you manifest your love to others?
Do you expect to be loved in return?