Have you lowered your cholesterol through lifestyle changes?

I chew my food more, added probiotics and some supplements (CQ10, folic+Vit B complex, Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc) and always avoided sugar (but still eats 3 bites of chocolates every other day. I breath more, watch my body for any signs of distress (skin issues, pains, lack of sleep, mouth health, sleep quality, urine color, others). I have lemons/citrus and herbs (essential oils – tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon grass for gums, skin and other uses).

I avoided pork and bacon and other processed foods and concentrated on whole foods, fish. I shop at farmer’s market, Trader’s joes and Whole Foods Store.

I spend 30min a day at NC.Fit in the bay area for my cross-fit training with a coach (group of 2 or 4 others). I garden during summer with my mom.

I try to have a good sleep, get sunshine, get a foot massage (body included) in the bay area and maintained a non-stressful work environment (although I work 2 jobs and still creating the next best thing in health concierge site with genetic tests, personalized diet, electronic appoint scheduling with docs and more at Coming Soon ).

I dance twice a month. I am happy in knowing that my effort in ensuring the health of my 80 yr old and finances of 5 college students (3 nieces in the Philippines and 2 children in the bay area) are not in vain and it keeps me going every day and face the world with energy and enthusiasm. And that I can share what I know about health in my blog www.clubalthea.com


A medication free Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

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Doctors acknowledged that the medications for Alzheimer’s, Dementia (early Alzheimer’s) and Parkinson’s disease are not to cure but to relieve their symptoms. Still, many families are giving their love ones with more than 10 kinds of medications per day. You can feel cold stomach, bloating and constipation are the norm. No Seena or prune juice can stop the continued entry of toxic medications. In their kitchen cupboards, you can find canned foods/aspartame/moldy foods/soda, unfiltered water, processed meat in fridge. Stress abound in their lives. There is also the absence of music, massage and sunshine.

Some of our clients (in their 90s) in care homes in the bayarea are OFF medications already and now thriving with gourmet warm meals and dietary supplements, lots of sunshine and exercise and adequate sleep. Some of those who died early loves pork, milk, medications and just sit all day not  visited by their families.

Most of the side effects of toxic medications (neuro meds, narcotics for pain killers, NSAIDs) are dizziness, constipation, insomia, joint pain and Parkinson and Alzheimer’s like symptoms.

Here are some of the healing ways, foods/supplements that can cure the root causes of these mental health issues that started from stress, metal toxins/processed foods, diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia and other metabolic diseases (inflammed intestinal lining, colitis,indigestion):

  • whole foods- raw/cooked (seaweed, avocado,fish,papaya,hormone free eggs,pickled foods,apple cider vinegar,coconut oil, yellow, green and red colored fruits and veggies,ginger,turmeric,lemon grass as tea or in soup,bone broth soup,magnesium rich foods, yams,green tea,garlic,onions,mushrooms)
  • clean water, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor (light and oxygen therapy), EBS (electrical brain stimulation), 12-hr fasting, 1-day detox per week
  • movement/dance, exercise,stretching,deep breathing (100 belly breaths per day), sunshine
  • mental stimulation (reading,conversation,socializing)
  • Vit B12 for nerve pain, Vit B complex for adrenals, Vit C,Vit A,folate,liquid Floradix iron supplement, calcium and magnesium with zinc and Vit D, melatonin,selenium,amino acids (L cysteine), Lutien, 5HTP, Ubiquinol/COQ10, more

Note:  Brain scans of seniors who reached the age of 100 yrs of age show spaces and shrinkage but have no symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Stress, sugar, medications/drugs and alcohol also shrink the brain.  The most likely reasons why some people do not have the symptoms are their activity level, stress level, absence of metal toxins/toxic foods and their habits (getting good sleep, worry less and love more).

Affordable supplements

Final anti-aging tips: Avoid medications/drugs if possible, get sunshine, take fresh air,clean water, whole foods, avoid sugar/soda/processed foods and get good sleep. Avoid anxiety and dwelling on problems, be happy and dance.


Contact Connie of Motherhealth Caregivers for holistic senior care for homebound bayarea seniors 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com



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