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Make your produce, whole foods, last longer

Email motherhealth@gmail.com of tips to have your foods or produce last longer, free from molds and fungus. Always wash produce with salt water or diluted vinegar to wash away pesticides and chemicals. Dry them well. Learn gardening to have organic produce. Share your lands to others who love gardening. Freeze left over skins and veggieContinue reading “Make your produce, whole foods, last longer”

Degenerative Joint Disease by Dr Axe

The primary goals of all degenerative tissue disease/osteoarthritis or arthritis treatments are to lower inflammation/swelling, control pain, improve mobility and joint function, help maintain a healthy weight so you put less pressure on fragile joints, and to improve your mood — so you’re better able to handle the stress of battling a degenerative disease. 1.Continue reading “Degenerative Joint Disease by Dr Axe”

Rheumatoid arthritis: increased inflammation among smokers and toxic drug-induced liver failure

I wish to comment on the following topics, Rheumatoid Arthritis, inflammation and liver.  Rheumatoid Arthritis brings pain to sufferers and is exacerbated by smoking and over medication, taxing the liver. When pain happens, the liver is giving a signal that it can no longer detox the body.  The best route is to clean the body fromContinue reading “Rheumatoid arthritis: increased inflammation among smokers and toxic drug-induced liver failure”

Researchers Discover Sandman’s Role in Sleep Control

Summary: A new study brings researchers one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of sleep. Source: University of Oxford. Oxford University researchers have discovered what causes a switch to flip in our brains and wake us up. The discovery, published in the journal Nature, brings us closer to understanding the mystery of sleep. Sleep isContinue reading “Researchers Discover Sandman’s Role in Sleep Control”

Longevity foods, herbs and nutrients

Germanium for longevity The following foods contain the greatest concentrations of Germanium-132: broccoli, celery, garlic, shitake mushrooms, milk, onions, rhubarb, sauerkraut, tomato juice, chlorella, all chlorophyll rich foods and the herbs aloe vera, ginger,ginseng and Suma (see images below). Nutritionally, the natural element germanium has been known to aid in the prevention of cancer andContinue reading “Longevity foods, herbs and nutrients”

Herbal infusion for cancer prevention

If I want to promote wellness and avoid cancer, I will take this daily tea herbal infusion of: Nettle Raspberry leaf Oat straw Burdock Red Clover Linden Hawthorne Ginger Echinacea Lemon grass Turmeric Garlic Thyme Rosemary Oregano Lemon/lime Honey Maple Syrup Rosehips Astralagus In my 30s, I used this herbal infusion after childbirth.  My 80 yr old motherContinue reading “Herbal infusion for cancer prevention”

Save $160B per yr by not throwing imperfect farmer’s produce in the USA

Americans throw away almost as much food as they eat because of a “cult of perfection”, deepening hunger and poverty, and inflicting a heavy toll on the environment. Vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the US are left in the field to rot, fed to livestock or hauled directly from the field to landfill,Continue reading “Save $160B per yr by not throwing imperfect farmer’s produce in the USA”

Diet for cluster headaches

Sleep more, exercise more and avoid stress in addition to good whole foods diet can help with cluster headaches. Cluster headache may, but rarely, run in some families in an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern. People with a first degree relative with the condition are about 14-48 times more likely to develop it themselves, and betweenContinue reading “Diet for cluster headaches”

Alzheimer’s disease prevention with Vit D, Vit C and low histamine foods or raw/whole foods

Low histamine food or raw foods rich in Vitamin C or whole foods prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Avoid these high-histamine food, processed foods: • fermented food • artificial food colouring, especially tartrazine • benzoates including food sources of benzoates, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate • butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydoxytoluene (BHT) The Neglected Role ofContinue reading “Alzheimer’s disease prevention with Vit D, Vit C and low histamine foods or raw/whole foods”

Healthy foods and exercise thin blood naturally, preventing stroke and cancer

There are a number of foods and supplements that are known to thin the blood. These include foods with high amounts of aspirin-like substances called salicylates, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E supplements, and foods with natural antibiotic properties.

Strawberries contain a very high amount of naturally occurring salicylates.
While many Americans have problems with blood clots, it is important to note that blood thinning foods are not desirable for everyone in the population. I have been an easy bleeder all of my life, so I have compiled this list so that I know which foods to limit, in order to keep my blood from being too thin.

People taking prescription anti-coagulant drugs also need to be careful not to consume too many foods with natural blood thinning compounds in addition to their regular medication. One of my relatives is on a prescription anticoagulant drug for blood clots and has had eye hemorrhages from ingesting too many blood thinning foods in conjunction with his prescription medication.

Parasites and their effects on your immune system

It may sound like a bunch of BS, but two researchers have unlocked clues about medieval famine by recovering centuries-old, petrified poop from a castle latrine. In a recent study published in the International Journal of Paleopathology, doctors Piers D. Mitchell and Evilena Anastasiou of the archaeology and anthropology department at the University of CambridgeContinue reading “Parasites and their effects on your immune system”