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Free senior care information and bay area resource

You can reach Connie via text or email at 408-854-1883 , , for a free 15-min answering your questions and information gathering about senior care in the bay area. Sample questions Do I contact a caregiving agency or hire my own caregiver directly from or other sites? Caregiving agency qualifies the caregiver best

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Monitor important vitals at home with a wearable not just exercise level

Monitor oxygen level, heart beat, blood sugar and more with a wearable from Worldgn. We are looking for global marketers working from home. We provide the web site and training. Email  to get a health screen with a wearable. Health screen includes Exome Whole DNA sequence ($500), blood panel for men/women ($400) , gut

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Bay area senior care 408-854-1883

Caring and compassionate caregivers from Motherhealth senior care since 2004. Motherhealth caregivers bring sunshine to the faces of seniors in the bay area.  Our trick is gourmet cooked meals, massage and companionship with care. Email for 24-hr response time. Location: greater bay area Cost: Based on level of care, 4-hr care minimum, 24-hr care

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2010 Tax Statistics in the USA

More women between the ages of  55 under 60 yrs of age worked in 2010 compared to the number of men in the same age group. In both men and women, the top earning age group is between the ages of 46 under 55 yrs of age. Disparity in income between men and women is

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